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Top 5 Core Science Subjects to Offer in Secondary School

 Offering the right subjects in your secondary school is pivotal to your future profession and career. Sadly, a fair number of some students here do sometimes go for the wrong subjects unaware. This action subsequently lead to settling for an odd course in the university. In order not to fall a victim of this issue, we will highlight the top five core science subjects that an intending science student must offer in the senior secondary school level. Follow up with us as we delineate these in this article.  Outline of Top 5 Core Science Subjects to Offer in Secondary School Of course, subjects in secondary school level do determine the future career of the student in question. The degree of fame that various subjects have among students at a specific areas and disciplines do permits assessing the point of view of profession development. This has gone much to be significant and mean the work market needs exact subject matter experts. All things considered, countless students ready to con

Top 5 Core Arts Subjects to Offer in Secondary School

 On the off chance that you are contemplating on which art subjects you should offer in your senior secondary school level, then article will be of great help with respect to this issue. Basically, arts is a good discipline which students should opt for. Like a tree, arts is wide in degree. The discipline is viewed as the blend of assorted fields of learning in the human undertaking, for example, literature, geology, history, and so forth. In the course of this write-up, we will take a gander at the top five core art subjects to offer in secondary school in Nigeria. Albeit in the secondary schools there are very a few contrasts, as what is contemplated are not courses yet rather subjects. Looking at the country's educational system, it has distinguished that the secondary school is planned to keep going for a very long time each both for senior lever students and junior secondary school students. All secondary school offers a high scope of subjects which are educated in the seconda

Admission Requirements: How to Gain Admission into BUK

  One of the most prominent tertiary institution in Nigeria is Bayero University, Kano popularly referred to as BUK. This is one of the senescent university in Nigeria, and is also the principal college in Kano State. There are many facts about this school, and in this our write, we will encapsulate an overview of the university, location, programmes, admission requirements and fees.   About Bayero University How it Began Alternately referred as BUK, Bayero University Kano was at first named as Ahmadu Bello College in 1960 and was named after the Premier of Northern Nigeria, Ahmadu Bello. It was established in January 1960 by the Northern Nigeria Ministry of Education headed by Isa Kaita to get ready senior optional endorsement holders for G.C.E. also, A-level in Arabic, Hausa, Islamic History, Islamic investigations and English Literature. Upon the foundation of Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Kaduna State, Ahmadu Bello College was renamed to Abdullahi Bayero College, after Abdullah

List of Top 10 Private Universities With Cheapest School Fees in Nigeria

       With the majority of private  universities in Nigeria having a sumptuous and an elevated school fee charges, a lot of students options for the public ones which is more affordable. But, it's certainly not all private universities that have this high-end costs. This article will investigate into the private universities in the country, and subsequently highlight the top ten cheapest ones. The Top 10 Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria Though private universities in Nigeria are seen to be more sophisticated, but the cost is very high. Only a few, most especially those in the high-class can afford this qualitative but costly private institutions. For the sake of the left out, we will list and highlight the most cheapest private universities in the country.  Below is the rundown of the cheapest private universities in Nigeria. The following table shows the indicative school fees of the 10 most cheap private colleges in the country; S/N Cheapest Private Universities Indicati

The Simplest Way To Calculate For CGPA In Nigerian Universities

  The cumulative grade point average, CGPA is a type of grading system used by most Nigerian universities to evaluate students performance after an academic session. To get a CGPA for a particular student, it involves summing the product of all earned grade point and units divided by the total units attempted in the institution. However, some students often find it difficult to calculate their own cumulative grade point average due to the perceived complexity they view it. In response to this issue, a post like this is necessary, as we will elaborate: what's CGPA, how to calculate GP and CGPA for an academic year, and also adding some tips on how to boost your CGPA so that you will graduate with a good result. What's CGPA? GPA which means Grade Point Average is basically a measure of a student’s academic results at a college or university for a particular term or semester. It is calculated by dividing the total number of acquired Grade Points by the total number of Course Unit

Detailed Guides on How to Reprint JAMB Examination Slip

The is a veracious adage, ‘If you're not informed, you are deformed ’. You might have completed the registration for JAMB 2020, but it doesn't stop on just filling the online forms rather it also connotes doing further processes for proper registration for examination. When you finished your online application for JAMB form, you were given a e-registration slip to confirm your registration. However this e-registration slip is not what you'll present on examinations date, but rather it will be another slip called Examination slip. This issue has make me to come up with this article to guide Jambites know the importance of the examination slip and  how to print it. What's JAMB Examination Slip This is a slip presented to candidate for the examination. It contains all necessary exam information about the candidate. Without the examination slip, you won't be able to know the examination centre, date, time and seat number, of which all this critical info is stated on eac

JAMB 2021: 7 Secrets To Scoring High In UTME and Post-UTME

JAMB Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination is underway, for this there are numerous things to guarantee your success in the forthcoming examination. One thing to note is that the best way which never comes up short is getting ready with the correct strategy till the day you put pen in writing. This includes dotting your I's and intersecting your I's by utilizing all JAMB mediums to get ready for your examination. Using the JAMB Brochure, JAMB Syllabus, JAMB Past Questions are apparatuses to assist you with planning for the expected UTME. How to prepare for JAMB 2021 examination 1. Do The ‘Five P's’ There is a popular adage why says 'Preparation Prevents Poor Performance'. This is a technique you should utilize to achieve your aim of scoring high  in UTME. To demonstrate how preparation costs you score, let's see this scenario of a boy who was about writing exams. Mfon is a jambite who was going to write his UTME in two months time. All his day was spent on

What to Know About Civil Engineering/Engineer in Nigeria

 Sometimes when taking a walk across a long bridge, you may wonder who and how such structure came to existence on a river and it doesn't lag or fall. Another intriguing observance is seeing huge skyscrapers that looks as if it almost touch with the sky. Personally, I do once thought its all supernatural and above the capacity of man. But the obvious truth is that all these is made possible by civil engineers who apply the laws of physics to solve the problem of construction and erect those long bridges and skyscrapers you saw. About Civil Engineering By definition, civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of physical and naturally built environment, including works like road bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. Civil engineering has a number of sub-disciplines which are: construction, structural, highway and materials engineering. It is the second-oldest engineering discipline in heirachy, senior by mil

Top Ten Reasons Why Students Need Past Questions and Answers

 Many a times, a good number of students when preparing for an examination, they come across some series of aids to help them in the forthcoming test. Past questions of previous examination is a major aid and a critical inflencer to student's success in examination. In this writeup, I will delineate on what these past questions is all about and why it is propitious to student academics. This will be of immense help to candidates for JAMB, WAEC, NECO, Post-UTME, and other examination students. What is Past Questions? Past questions is a compendium of questions on a particular examination. This questions is always complemented by answers to them, so that students can see and know the questions structure of the examination to be taken. Past Questions is also the arrangement of past assessment papers taken by different up- and-comers that sat for such examinations from different bodies that set the exams, exempli gratia, NAPTEP, JAMB, NECO, WAEC, etc. Now let's look at why candidat