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Top 5 Core Science Subjects to Offer in Secondary School

 Offering the right subjects in your secondary school is pivotal to your future profession and career. Sadly, a fair number of some students here do sometimes go for the wrong subjects unaware. This action subsequently lead to settling for an odd course in the university. In order not to fall a victim of this issue, we will highlight the top five core science subjects that an intending science student must offer in the senior secondary school level. Follow up with us as we delineate these in this article. 

Outline of Top 5 Core Science Subjects to Offer in Secondary School

Of course, subjects in secondary school level do determine the future career of the student in question. The degree of fame that various subjects have among students at a specific areas and disciplines do permits assessing the point of view of profession development. This has gone much to be significant and mean the work market needs exact subject matter experts. All things considered, countless students ready to contemplate the subject additionally focuses to an elevated level of ability there in future. The greater part of these science subjects we will highlight here are primarily incorporated in the field of science. Please note that English language is a compulsory subject for all secondary school level students irrespective of their discipline.


Attributed as the the most popular discipline among students, this is unarguably the most important part of the science discipline. A lot of individuals feel it right to imagine that math is "the mother of science with all things considered." When focusing on the significance of specific subjects, no one would contend the way that mathematics is one of the essential instructive and logical orders. It's anything but a mishap that students learn the subject alongside English language since their first days at school. From the fundamentals and even to the most muddled, math is very nearly a piece of some other career. With this, it's normal that it's likewise a mainstream science-related course by many. 

Certainly, students and specialists can't do physical science, science, designing, engineering, and numerous different sciences without mathematics. Numbers and bookkeeping are the ground making conditions and critical thinking conceivable. The consequences of numerical activities matter for both routine undertakings and huge disclosures pushing mankind forward. In this way, the advancement in sciences is straightforwardly and firmly associated with mathematics. That is the reason gifted and talented mathematicians consistently have a work opportunity.  

While learning mathematics as a subject might be troublesome, it additionally gives an astounding possibility of career development later on, for the very explanation that math is required all over the place. 


Biology is a science discipline where students find knowledge about life and living things in entirety. Science is fascinating to many, just in light of the fact that it's the investigation of life. In case you're additionally searching for a degree in the medical field, science is a most loved pre-medication course. In practically all health and clinical courses, science is additionally concentrated to an exceptionally profound degree. 

Plant science, zoology, botany, anatomy, genetics & biotechnology, and numerous other sub-disciplines give future specialists energizing prospects. In case you're keen on more explicit fields, you can likewise go for sea life science which is zoology. The interest students show in medical science and nursing, and the adequacy of clinical faculty in the country permit understanding reasons why biology is a particularly mainstream subject in the secondary school. 


Basically, Physics is a science discipline that deals with matter and energy and the way they act on each other in heat, light, electricity, and sound. It is likewise the mainstream science exploring the most well-known properties of the material world. All through its turn of events, physics has been acquiring and more sub-disciplines, viewpoints, measurements, and levels. From the nuclear collaborations to the degree of universes, the subject is a science addressing two essential inquiries: "How?" and "Why?" 

There are many opportunities by offering physics in school. Engineering is associated to physics. Space science is physics. Building and designing are all physics. Energetics is also physics. All that you see and search can be communicated, determined, explored, and clarified through this science discipline. 

Oftentimes, students think there isn't anything to investigate in physics. Notwithstanding, different process of this science stay unexplained. Moreover, physicists of our occasions frequently question speculations and sayings that used to be right previously. Some of them even contend the virtuoso Albert Einstein and his relativity hypothesis. On the whole, physics make students to consider every material things in the universe.


This is a popular senior secondary level subject for Science Students. Just as the preceding subject, Chemistry is just everything. The human body is the one major synthetic reactor. Metallurgy is about the subject. Information from chemistry encourages us make food to eat and garments to wear. It likewise allows researchers to make new, progressive medication. 

It is practically difficult to belittle the importance of chemistry to the world in general, and the human specifically. Chemists have conceivable outcomes to work everywhere on the world. Additionally, it will turn out to be just more well known among students later on, as different branches just beginning their turn of events. 

Further Mathematics 

Another on the list is Further Mathematics. This is a critical science subject examining numbers, amounts, shape, space, their connections, and much more. Further Mathematics, thusly, depicts a course concentrated notwithstanding the standard A Level Mathematics. It gives further establishing in, and more prominent calculated comprehension of, both Pure and Applied Mathematics by acquainting students with so much points as intricate numbers, lattice polynomial math, differential conditions, Taylor arrangement, and others. Every one of these thoughts are critical for the foundation of numerous logical ideas present today and, for those enthusiastic about Mathematics, are intriguing to learn in their own right. Before the finish of the course you will have taken your numerical inclination to a more significant level and grew further your intelligent, mathematical and critical thinking aptitudes. 

Now you know much about Further Mathematics, you might want to know which subjects goes well with the course. Further Mathematics consolidates well with most different subjects, especially those with a critical numerical substance, for example, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Accounting and ICT. Extensively, there are even some numerical applications in Geography and Psychology.


There are good numbers of senior secondary school science subjects in the Nigerian schools. Sometimes making a decision on the wrong subjects will lead to some future complications later. In order to avoid these issues, we outlined the top five core science subjects which students can offer in the secondary school level. Moreso, you can additionally read on the top five core arts subjects to offer in secondary school, so as to give you more information.

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