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Detailed Guides on How to Reprint JAMB Examination Slip

The is a veracious adage, ‘If you're not informed, you are deformed ’. You might have completed the registration for JAMB 2020, but it doesn't stop on just filling the online forms rather it also connotes doing further processes for proper registration for examination.
When you finished your online application for JAMB form, you were given a e-registration slip to confirm your registration. However this e-registration slip is not what you'll present on examinations date, but rather it will be another slip called Examination slip. This issue has make me to come up with this article to guide Jambites know the importance of the examination slip and  how to print it.

What's JAMB Examination Slip

This is a slip presented to candidate for the examination. It contains all necessary exam information about the candidate.
Without the examination slip, you won't be able to know the examination centre, date, time and seat number, of which all this critical info is stated on each candidates E-Examination slip.

The JAMB Examination slip is always issued to candidates one week to the start of the general examination. Information concerning when it will done will be communicated by the JAMB body to candidates in the appropriate time. This slip is very necessary for the examinations and is printed from the JAMB portal.
Information contained in this examination slip has made  it to be very consequential on the exams day, as you won't be allowed to write the examination except you present a copy of your slip.

How to Print your JAMB Examination Slip

Printing your JAMB Examination Slip is not something to be burdened on. Its just a normal printing as you did for your registration slip.
There are many ways to do it, depending on the one that convenient you. Nevertheless, to make the process a simple one for you, we've outline and enunciate various ways to print your JAMB Examination Slip. They are; reprinting from your JAMB profile, reprinting using your email address and also using the JAMB official site to reprint the examination slip. Here are the various steps to follow and reprint your JAMB Examination Slip.

Using Email Address To Reprint JAMB Examination Slip

Once its approaching the examination let's say like a week, JAMB will send a message on the examination across to every candidate through email. This mail will contain the Examination Slip attached as an attachment. Through it, you'll be able to print your own slip for the examination. 

You can also reprint JAMB mock slip directly from your email address. Follow the steps below to reprint your 2020 JAMB mock slip from your email address:
1. You used an email during JAMB registration? Login and open this your email address, you will see the mail.
2. Check for new message on your Inbox, you will see a mail from JAMB, open the message. However, check your Spam folder if you can’t find it in your Inbox.
3. The message you will receive from JAMB will contains an attachment (PDF Format), this is your JAMB Examination slip sent to you and it contains all the examination details.
4. Download and open the attachment. If you are using a phone, ensure to use Chrome/Firefox browser and after connect to a printer.
5. Finally, proceed to print it out by punching the CTRL + the P buttons on the keyboard.

If you have difficulty using this method, use the method below if it can convenient you.

How to print Examination Slip using JAMB Portal

The examination slip can also be gotten from JAMB portal which is located a However, this one is best but not sometimes preferable because in times when it will be done, the site will be congested and rendering the website unavailable.
To simplify the process more, we have got some steps to follow. Just do the step-by-step procedures below and go through your reprint of JAMB Examination slip;
1. Visit the JAMB official website for all UTME issues @
2. On opening, log into your Jamb Profile by entering your email and Password.

3. There you scroll the page to where you see would see 'reprint jamb slip'.
4. You should write your JAMB registration number in the provided space and then click ‘Re-Print’.
5. You will get the information of your exact date of the exam you’ve received; time and also venue will appear on the slip now.
6. If you are using a computer, press ‘CTRL’ and then ‘P’ on your keyboard and print your examination slip for the exams.

If this method was not convenient with giving you difficulties and you would want to do the other, we got yet another method to still print your examination slip.

Printing the JAMB Examination Slip through your Profile

You can also print the JAMB Examination Slip using the JAMB profile you created during the application process. Its just simple if you have the login details to your profile, if you may have lost it you can retrieve and login your profile.
1. First thing, enter the JAMB official website address in your computer.
2. Click e-Facility Account/Log in
3. Enter your Email address and Password
4. Click on Login to view your JAMB profile dashboard
5. In the dashboard, at the top right corner of the page, you will see a bold green text “ Re-print your JAMB slip”, click on the text to open to a new page.
6. On the new page, enter your JAMB registration Number and click “ Re-print ”.
7. A page will open containing your JAMB examination details including venue, date and exact time.
8. Finally, it will be left for you to print the shown slip. Print the slip by pressing CTRL+P on the keyboard and print to the required dimension.


JAMB Examination Slip is very essential to writing the examination, as we can conclude that the examination is a function of the Examination Slip. This shows how important the slip is, as you won't be allowed access to the examination hall without presenting your examination slip printed from the JAMB portal.
That's our take on this, if you have any issue, let us know so you will do the needful.

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