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Top Ten Reasons Why Students Need Past Questions and Answers

 Many a times, a good number of students when preparing for an examination, they come across some series of aids to help them in the forthcoming test. Past questions of previous examination is a major aid and a critical inflencer to student's success in examination.

In this writeup, I will delineate on what these past questions is all about and why it is propitious to student academics. This will be of immense help to candidates for JAMB, WAEC, NECO, Post-UTME, and other examination students.

What is Past Questions?

Past questions is a compendium of questions on a particular examination. This questions is always complemented by answers to them, so that students can see and know the questions structure of the examination to be taken. Past Questions is also the arrangement of past assessment papers taken by different up- and-comers that sat for such examinations from different bodies that set the exams, exempli gratia, NAPTEP, JAMB, NECO, WAEC, etc.

Now let's look at why candidates and understudies really need these past questions & answers, and also the effects it has on them.

Why Do Students Need Past Questions and Answers ?

If you have in any way encounter past questions for your contemporary test, you should know how these set of questions influenced your performance in the examination. Below, I have encapsulate the reasons why students need past questions and answers, mostly especially for their examinations:

An Essential Preparation Material

Past questions including answers are very helpful if you use them as a component of the materials for preparation and can open you to lots of things you may haven't realized which will flaunt your opportunity performing upto standard.

Helps in Knowing The Area Of Concentration

Sometimes have you come in a scenario where you prepared for the exam by reading all through the textbook, but sadly for you to realise sequently that you were out of point. Reading past questions is a significant choice and it assists with keeping you concentrated on topics that is the focus for the examination while rehearsing test style questions and answers.

For College Entry Exams

In the event that you are looking for an admission into any university, college or polytechnics in Nigeria, the significance of reading with Past Questions and Answers about the examination can't be under-estimated.

Gives a Glimpse About The Examination

Past test questions is very consequential and also one of the most supportive instruments accessible to plan for both inward and outside examinations, as they furnish candidates with viable knowledge into how the inevitable test paper will look like and the key topics. These questions acts like template and lets the candidate know on the other hand where among the varied topics one must attempt to cover. Prior to beginning preparation for a subject, it is constantly worth requiring some knowledge to search out past papers and know how you stand for the examinations.

Showing Examples

This is one of the enlightening advantages of using and analysing past inquiries and answers about an examination. Though the use of them, they uncover the examples of posing questions by examination bodies, thereby letting you know when and where to start work for the tests. Studying of former questions of an examination also show you the subjects and themes to get ready for enough.

Tips on Answering Questions

This is obviously one of the essentiallity of taking past test questions to practice, because it will give you the road on attempting what the previous examination was before. Reviewing former years past questions, especially the answers to it, give you supportive tips on to how answers ought to be introduced. With them, you will also realize the probable test addresses you will be combacting, thereby knowing how to tackle them.

Aids in Time Factor

Time is considered for mostly all this modern day examinations. All that is happening in the examination is timed to meet the degree set for the examination conduct. Solving and answering previous years past questions aid you in knowin how much time you will attempt the questions. They help to comprehend the possible test time length, i.e the time you should answer the questions. By going through these past questions, it also help you to know question class, like to indicate the commonplace number of questions to reply in the test.

Informs About the Style Of Questions Setting

Another benefit of studying past questions is that they are very much helpful to identifying the styles of setting test or examination questions (short-answer, numerous decision or papers) which are either objective, subjective or theory. And this will also help you to develop and create question from what the subject is about, noting procedures to spare time. Furthermore, These past questions give the chance to recognize the key branches of knowledge to concentrate on in update.

Writing The Exam Before the Examination

Most if not all past questions, give you the insight of the real exams. This will be through the careful study and analysis of them. In most occasions, examination bodies do rehash their past questions and you having experienced these questions, it will offer you the chance to pick the right answers without sitting down idly not doing anything. I can wager you that to make remarkable achievement in the inevitable tests, you can't manage the cost of not to get a duplicate of the past questions for the examination you'll be writing.

Determining Overall Performance

Studying of recent past questions help students to do their best in the coming examination. It becomes a tool to guide them secure the much needed points so as to go through the test. Whenever you are about to write an examination, always stick to the past questions, so as to make it.

Wrap Up

Have you ever been in a situation where you fail an examination that was very essential. Such scenerios often weak candidates morale and make them keep distance from their supposed success. If you are among one of the unlucky ones, I believe you have gotten what I elaborated here on whys students need past questions and answers and the benefits of it to them.

From what I have explain above, I tried not to be equivocal about the fact sheet which was about which past questions is very necessary. The importance of past questions and answers was emphasized explicitly on how they are very useful to students success.

That's the size of this write-up, as I have been more explicit on the importance of past questions and answers to students.



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