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How to Apply and Check for Current Scholarships in Nigeria

 Scholarship is a very good grant to complement students financing in their study year. Basically, this kind of grant or scholarship is made to support a student's education, and it is often awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement that made be deem fit. Additionally, a scholarship is seen as a financial support awarded to a student, based on academic achievement or for financial need, and for the purpose of schooling. Either of the reasons a scholarship may be offered, let's look specifically at how to get these grants. Our article will be more explicit on how to check for current scholarships in Nigeria. Also, you can read on how to get student bursary to finance your education in the country.

With the accumulating financial needs of students, it is ideal for them to be offered scholarship grants so as to support their schooling. No doubt, this kind of grants are gifts, and they don't need to be reimbursed. There are a huge number of scholarship on the lookout. These grants are offered by schools, businesses, people, privately owned businesses, not-for-profits, organizations, private gatherings, professionals, and social associations. 

Types of Scholarships Available in Nigeria

A lot of scholarships are offered from the secondary school level to the university level which is the most predominant. These grants are classified depending on the targeted beneficiaries. A few grants for school are merit-based. This kind of scholarships are usually acquired by fulfilling or meeting certain guidelines set by the scholarship provider. Legitimacy grants may be granted dependent on academic achievement or on a blend of scholastics and an intellectual ability, attribute, or interest. On the whole, all these different scholarships are primarily offered to students based on financial need. 

Numerous scholarship are designed for specific category of individuals; for example, there are grants for women or graduate students. Furthermore, some are accessible due to where you or your parent work, or in light of the fact that you come from a specific foundation (for example, there are scholarships for military families). Understanding these basic things will help you know which specific one to go for. A scholarship may take care of the whole expense of your educational cost, or it very well may be a one-time grant of a huge amount of money. In any case, it merits applying for scholarships, on the grounds that it'll help decrease the expense of your schooling. 

How to Check and Discover Current Scholarships in Nigeria

There are many ways and mediums through which you can peek at the current scholarships in the country. You can find out about scholarship severally, including reaching the provider's office at the school you intend to join in and checking data in a public library or on the web. The latter which is the online means is the best way to discover scholarship openings, and we will delineate more on this medium. Either of them, yet be cautious. Ensure scholarship information and offers you get are genuine; and recall that you don't need to pay to check scholarship or other monetary guide. The following guide will contain information on where to check for current scholarships in Nigeria.

Where to Find Current Scholarships in Nigeria

Here is the highlight of few of the top sites to always check for latest scholarship programs in the country: 

  • Scholastica is an information technology (IT) based scholarship portal. The website enhance the scholarship and bursary management process for organizations. Adding to this, they give updates on the latest scholarship openings in the country. Scholastica enables students to check, register and review their scholarship programs. With this, it aids the application process from start to finish. Visit the scholarship portal at on your web browser.
  • World Scholarship Forum is a top-notch national and international scholarship opportunity portal. With this website, you can check for study abroad opportunities for undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. Moreso, the scholarship website is the #1 Scholarship Portal for International Students, and its aimed at providing quality information for students to study abroad for free. You can visit the website at
  • ScholarshipAir – Another top place to find latest scholarship is ScholarshipAir. This is an online portal that gives students in the country information on the available scholarship opportunities both nationally and internationally. Checkout latest scholarship on their website by visiting and discover student grant opportunities.

When Do I Apply For Scholarships? 

On when to start sending applications for scholarship grants, it relies upon the grant's deadline time. A few cutoff times are as ahead of schedule as a year prior to school begins, so in case you're in secondary school now, you should explore and applying for grants at the end of your last class – which is between your junior and senior years. However, on the off chance that you've missed that window, don't think you have lose it all. Take a gander at scholarship information to see which ones you can at present apply for the time being. 

Moreover, if you are are still contemplating on how to apply for scholarship, then this paragraph will give you a green light. Certainly, every scholarship program has its own prerequisites. The scholarship body or their information web pages or site should give you a thought of who fits the bill for the grant and how to apply. Ensure you read the application cautiously, round it out totally, and comply with the application time constraint. We certainly hope you make it through and get your desired scholarship.

How Would I Get My Scholarship Funds? 

A lot of scholarship students and applicants often ask this kind of question. In replying to this query, that relies upon the scholarship program. The cash may go straightforwardly to your school, where it will be applied to any educational cost, expenses, or different sums you owe, and afterward any extra subsidizes given to you. Or then again it very well may be sent directly to you in a bank transfer. The scholarship provider should mention to you what's in store when it educates you that you've been granted the scholarship. If not, try to inquire about how the scholarship program pays their beneficiaries. But note that, a lot of scholarship programs in Nigeria now pays their beneficiaries through bank transfer, so as to avoid complications.

Wrap Up

That's the size of this write-up as we have been able to explicate the detailed information on how to check for current scholarships in Nigeria. This article also incorporated how to put in application for these student grants. We believe you now have a clue on how to discover the latest scholarship programs.

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