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Top 10 Best Companies for Mechanical Engineers in Nigeria

 When talking about employment opportunities, Mechanical Engineering is an ideal career wherein one ought to go for. The profession incorporate a lot of employment options and open doors for its experts just as graduates in Nigeria. All we do in this article is to depict the rundown of Mechanical Engineering companies that offer the best job in the discipline. The once-over of these companies depends on the appraisals, job specification and administrations offered by them. We will likewise rate these organizations subsequent to standing out them from other engineering companies in the right order. This will help you with knowing which of this engineering companies is the best pick. 

List of Top 10 Best Mechanical Engineering Companies in Nigeria 

The following are the rundown of organizations and companies that offers administrations in the area going from mechanical, metallurgical, and production, and so forth; 

Innoson Group 

Being an independent and indigenous car manufacturing company in the country, Innoson group is an assembling organization that deals on automobiles and vehicles. This industry is very mainstream in light of its record of being the primary native collecting industrial facility in the nation. Innoson Group likewise has Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company which is known for the creation and amassing of vehicles in this part of the world. All in all, the setvices offered by the Group goes from importation of parts and units followed by their collecting to products creation, metallurgical and industry, metal squeezing. Innoson Group has a few branches everywhere in the nation, yet the most famous of the company manufacturing plant is situated at Nnewi town in Anambra state. 

Dangote Group 

Nigeria's most popular company conglomerate, Dangote Group of Companies also requires the services of Mechanical Engineers to run the tremendous businesses of the organization. This is a combination of organizations fastened by a renown business tycoon Aliko Dangote. The company majors on flour making, sugar refining, glue and noodles, creation and as of late into refining of petroleum. On the whole, Dangote group has job openings for mechanical engineers in the country.

Delta Steel Company 

Delta State owned Delta Steel Company (DSC) is a metallurgical company which is a good option for mechanical engineers. The company is a standout amongst other mechanical companies because of the way that they offer open doors for these professionals. The steel organization works in the metallurgical handling of billets for the creation of prepares and iron. The historical backdrop of the business had been for quite a long time prior. Delta Steel Company have two modern areas in which one is situated at Ibusa close to the state capital, while the other is situated at Warri a significant industrial city in the state. 

Fembosco Engineering Company 

Another best Mechanical Engineering organization on the rundown is Fembosco Engineering Limited. This is the main provider of Electrical and Industrial Systems in Nigeria. The organization initiated activities in the year 1995 with the significant point of filling in as providers and amassing of value engineering products to building ventures and Industries/Manufacturing Industries/Thermal Station/Oil Industries. The organization has an intend to make another measurement in promoting of dependable items in the current day Nigeria market. They are the producer of Hand and Power Tools, Spanners Screw Drivers, Electrical Tool Box, Electrical TB Sockets, Mechanical Tools Box and Plumbing Tools, Power and control frameworks, Air blowers and Screw Air Compressors, among others. 

Slot Engineering 

Another notable name in the country's engineering industry is Slot Engineering Nigeria Limited. Being in field since it was set up in 1983 under the organizations and united maters announcement of Nigeria of 1968. The organization began with the essential target of giving engineering help services, for example, Flow-line development, manufacture, common and mechanical works. The five significant area of services by the company include: Engineering development Services (Onshore/Offshore), Material/Equipment Procurement and Supply Services, Customs Clearing/Freight Forwarding Services, Logistics Support Services and Manpower supply services. 

Ramcon ElectroMechanical Company

Ramcon Electromechanical is situated at 9 Ibadan Close Off Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. This company is a reformist Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Contracting firm in the country. The company is focused on the accomplishment of "Absolute Client Satisfaction" in Engineering Services. The foundation of the company was with the point of working as a total Electrical, Mechanical and Air-molding System Design and Installation Services Engineering firm. 

Mateng Nigeria Limited 

Mateng Nigeria Limited products ranges in water channels, manageable structure materials, bamboo bikes and solar powered lighting frameworks. This company is a well known Mechanical Engineering industry that is situated at 2 Road A, Kemta Housing Estate, Idi-Aba Abeokuta, Ogun State. Mateng Nigeria Limited is occupied with engineering for the advancement of the business in the country.  

Dandani Integrated Ltd 

Dandani Integrated Services Nigeria Limited is situated at F25, Idugboe Estate Ogunu, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. The organization was set up and fused in Nigeria in 2011 (RC432630) as an exclusive independent engineering company. Dandani Integrated Ltd organization is occupied with the arrangement of engineering services which incorporates pipeline, electrical-HV/LV, common and mechanical frameworks plan, development, tasks, upkeep, supply, uphold and furthermore consultancy services. 

Chikason Group 

Chikason Group is another mechanical engineering company that offers engineering services in the country. The company is a customary Engineering firm that is associated with the conveyance of different engineering products in the country. Chikason Group is an industrial organization that are into numerous serbices both in and non-engineering. The organization's plants situated in various parts of the country. 

Robert Bosch Nigeria 

Robert Bosch Nigeria is an engineering outfit that has an administrative office in Lagos. The company has the entirety of four business areas – Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. Essentially, the company is centered around taking into account interest in the food handling just as energy and foundation business. They accomplish these by working intimately with nearby accomplices and furthermore guarantee the most ideal choices for clients, and widely for a bigger scope, the advantage of the nation's economy. 

Wrap Up 

That is our take on this article, as we've have outlined the top ten best Mechanical Engineering Companies the are available in Nigeria. In light of the fact that the Mechanical Engineering profession is a worthwhile one, these organizations positively extend to the best employment opportunities alternatives for professionals in this field.

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