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How to Defer An Admission in Nigerian Universities or Polytechnics

 The competition for entrance into a university or polytechnic in Nigeria is extremely high. With this continuing trend, a lot of candidates do take their provisional admission to be significantly important. Loosing such admission in any capacity whatsoever will be great loss and time consuming. Consequently, we have composed a guide on how to defer admission in a university or polytechnic in the country. Certainly, this will make you not miss all!

Defer Admission

Nowadays, there is no doubt that admission into a college, university, polytechnic or an other tertiary institution is very competitive, and not worth taking a risk. While many candidates look for this admission for quite a long time prior to making sure about one, some are fortunate to get in one shot. Yet certainly in the two cases it is either to continue with the admission or to redraw back, since the admission is provisional. Thus, to lose this open door after such a great amount of exertion because of any conditions will agony deep down marrow. Consequently, the purpose for this write-up, which is to update admission seekers, first year students, returning students and other intrigued people on the best way to defer admission in a university or polytechnic in Nigeria. Moreso, some knowledgeable students and candidates utilize the deferral opportunity in holding their admission status. With this, it is our most extreme accept it in the event that you use this information, not just returning understudies will have the option to appreciate the deferral yet different students most particularly the rookies will have the option to utilize the deferral opportunity. This will help them in making sure about their admission in any higher institution in the country. 

What's Does it Mean to Defer an Admission? 

Be that as it may, before we continue further to elaborate how to defer an admission in a university or polytechnic, how about we get clear with certain basic terms. Deffering an admission intends to postpone resumption of school either for new or returning students due to legitimate reasons. 

In utilizing the deferral opportunity, your school should approve your application to defer the admission which will be done by your schools' admission office. 

How to Defer Admission in a University or Polytechnic in Nigeria 

Finally settled on deferring your admission? Follow the step by step guide below to utilize the deferral chance of your school in postponing your admission for in any event. The following are the means to follow: 

  1. First, you should have your admission into the program of the University. This will be by accepting your provisional admission on JAMB Central Admission and Processing System (CAPs)  
  2. The following thing is to pay your acceptance fee to affirm your acknowledgment of admission to the school. This will indicate your acceptance of the school's admission. This process is done by login in to your schools Post-UTME screening portal to start the acceptance expense payment measure. 
  3. Applicants will at that point be subjected to screening and clearance. Interestingly, a good number of schools currently launch their clearance process on the web. 
  4. After the clearance, candidates will then visit the schools' admission office with the documents that will be highlighted below. This will serve for departmental and final clearance so as to defer the admission.
  5. Pay the stated fees by the school.
  6. Follow the subsequent process that will be instructed by the university or polytechnic.

At last, you are guaranteed of your admission deferral demand from the school authority and you can continue with your leave till the expressed and endorsed time in your admission defer application. 

The above process are the most widely recognized among all tertiary institutions in Nigeria in deffering admission. Nonetheless, some vary, yet we are most guaranteed that by following the process featured above, you can defer admission in a university or polytechnic in the country. 

Eligibility and Requirements for Deferring an Admission In Nigeria

Documents Required include:

  • Original WAEC/NECO/NABTEB certificates. A few colleges require charge for acquisition of scratch card in affirmation of the first O'level result. 
  • Applicants who can't get their original O'level certificates can use the coloured printout. 
  • Coloured printout of your JAMB admission letter 
  • Coloured print out of your internet screening form from the admission screening process. In the event that this is the case, make a color print out for clearness. 
  • Birth certificate or most likely a sworn oath for declaration of age. 
  • Also, write the application letter for the defferment of admission. 

Reasons To Defer an Admission 

Definitely, students concede confirmation for some reasons. The most frequent and accepted reasons for deffering an admission are stated below. The following are few of the reasons understudies defer admission; 

  • Monetary Issues 
  • Ailment (Health Reasons)
  • Relocation (Change of Environment) 
  • Loss of Parent 
  • Other legitimate reasons.

Who Can Defer Admission? 

It's important to note here that deferral of admission is opened to all students of the institution, both; 

  • First year recruits and 
  • Returning students. 

So far they have been rightly admitted into the university or polytechnic.

Cost of Deferring an Admission in Nigeria

For the cost, most tertiary institutions in Nigeria charge between ₦5,000 to ₦10,000. Continue to the universitys admission office and make enquiry on defferment of admission. 

Follow these procedures in paying for the cost of deffering an admission:

  1. After payment of the said fee, continue to the Bursary division of your school to change the payment slip to a receipt. 
  2. Take the receipt to the confirmation office with the receipt of delay of affirmation structure got from the Bursary division. 
  3. In conclusion, you wrap up the admission deferral measure by presenting the report to your Faculty Officer for Processing. 

Wrap Up 

We believe you discover this information valuable and it unquestionably will help all new and returning students who are looking through the web on the best way to defer admission in a college or polytechnic in Nigeria. This write-up incorporate the same process for all tertiary institutions in the country.

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