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Top 10 Degree Courses to Easily Get a Job after School

 To easily have a work after school is one of the most significant things that students and aspirants should put into consideration. Certainly, studying a course in the university or college might be a certain something, yet having a work with your degree is another significant thing. Going for a degree program with a huge employment and job openings is the best thing any college candidate or student should consider prior to studying one. This issue has been significant in the Nigerian culture today, on account of the set number of employment opportunities. To find some kind of harmony and get comfortable in the best way, students should go for courses that has the best and high work openings. To give a guide on this issue, our article will feature the top ten degree programs with the best job openings in the country. 

The Top 10 Degree Courses With Best Employment Opportunities in Nigeria 

It is safe to say that you are pondering on a degree program that would effortlessly find you a line of work after school? Assuming this is the case, underneath is the summary of the best ten college courses with the best work options in the country; 

Medicine and Surgery 

Ostensibly, Medicine and Surgery is the most looked for course in Nigerian universities, and this goes far to shows its significance. In all honesty, about 90% of all medical course graduates land a work inside a half year of graduating. Additionally, the profession is a basic area and this makes Doctors to be perhaps the main people in the public view. Employment opportunities for Medical graduates is high, and it's supplemented with the significant salary they get due to the nature of their work. As a Medical graduate, you could work in a government, state or private hospitals. 

Computer Science/Engineering 

With the world now largely aligned to Information Technology, there is a lot of labor force expected in computer science and engineering. A decent number of good courses are available here, similar to the I.T/Software Engineering and Computer Science. These are hot cakes degrees in this 21st century. This is obvious as a ton of organizations presently require the specialized mastery of programmers and computer experts. 

Along these lines, on the off chance that you are looking for a science course that won't allow you to invest a lot of energy searching for a work, at that point Computer Science/Engineering is a decent alternative. This degree program is offered by practically all Universities in the country. 


Accounting is an expert course that frequently lead to jobs in Banks and other financial institutions. However, this degree course isn't simply restricted to the financial area. With the developing economy of the nation, the services of Accounting experts is incredibly needed in all business firms and even ventures. These days, each business needs a bookkeeper to help deal with the monetary dealings of the enterprise. Every one of these reasons has made accounting to be probably the best course you could concentrate as a social science student and effectively have a work after school. 


Law is a professional course that is as well a rewarding degree in Nigeria. This degree course is ideally suggested for students who need a future profession in governmental issues. A basic glance at the Nigerian politics today, you can see that a decent number of noticeable government officials like Nyesom Wike, Godswill Akpabio, Yemi Osinbajo, you will find that these politicians have their educational background followed back to law profession before they in the long run went into political issues. 

Nursing Science 

Graduates of Nursing are known to find a new line of work promptly after they finish their school program. This have been quite added to the way that their services are very much needed in the medical area. Their works areas incorporate emergency clinics, nursing homes, clinical workplaces, health care, network health centres, schools, centers, etc. Despite the fact that Nurses pay may not be that much, however their work openings can ensure professional stability and resulting enlargement of salary. 

Electrical Engineering 

Electrical engineering graduates are broadly required in light of the fact that their innovations are utilized in electrical/electronics, medical areas, mobile phones, electromechanical technology, and other related frameworks. Additionally, practically everything that characterizes present day development is connected to this kind of engineering. 

Moreso, Electrical engineering is an attractive course to study, as this classification of engineers can work basically wherever where there is need for power. The couple of to make reference to ventures where they are pertinent include: IT firms, transmission companies, production firma and media communications industries. 


Definitely, the world requires educators, no doubt. This makes educational courses to be worthwhile because of the lot of work openings offered to its graduates. A great 90% of all college education graduates find a new line of work or proceed onward to additional studies inside a half year of finishing school. This fascinating things has make a degree in education a profoundly sought-subsequent to thing. Moreover, instructors do get a ton of occasions which supplements to their administration. Worthwhile courses under Education incorporates Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Computer education, to make reference to only a few. 

Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanical Engineering is a technology-inclined course that includes the use of the standards and critical thinking strategies of engineering from design to assembling of autos and automobiles. These professionals can't be under looked on the grounds that the profession place on making innovations to address human issues. Basically every product in every day life has likely been affected here and there by a mechanical engineer. This includes taking care of issues for medical services, energy, transportation, production, space investigation and environmental science, by imagining new products to meet this issues. 

Business Administration 

This is another best degree course in the rundown. With organizations everywhere on the nation, the services of Business Administrators will positively be required. Their most significant work here will be to complete promoting procedures and run business for the business venture. Additionally, many individuals and business firms consistently need the assistance of expert business administration graduates, so as advance great deals just as business organization. 


Yet another degree to easily get a job after school is Pharmacy. This is another medical course in the rundown, and it's a degree course that is truly attractive in the country. Graduates of Pharmacy are significant not exclusively to the clinical field, yet widely in the general public. Similarly as there are such countless afflictions in the general public now, the requirement for good and quality drugs is important. Likewise, experts in Pharmacy are available to open positions in drug firms, clinics, just as large pharmacy stores. 

Wrap Up 

That's how far we can go on this article. The circumstance where a decent number of Nigerian students go into a specific course in the University, and do not know about the requests of the course after school, is the thing that necessitates this write-up. Over the span of this article, we featured the top ten degree courses with the best employment opportunities in the country. This is surely the courses that you will easily get a job after your college days.

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