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How to Easily Gain Admission to Study Engineering Courses in Nigeria

 Certainly, all secondary school leavers especially the male ones won't want to go for one of the engineering courses. Aside from from the discipline being one of the best, it is seemingly the most competitive courses in Nigerian higher institutions. The explanation behind this has been because of the centrality and the job openings which encompasses the course after school. These and other prominent reasons makes these Engineering Courses to be viewed as the most looked for courses of study in the country's universities. In this article, we will explain how to effectively gain admission to study Engineering Courses in any of Nigerian higher institutions. 

Regarding application of science and technology, Engineering is the academic program that leads in this viewpoint. These variables has therefore made the course to be competitive, consequently making admission not to be a basic undertaking. Absolutely, a decent number of students who finish secondary schools yearly wants to study engineering courses like Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Civil, Chemical and others, in the college or some other higher institutions. With this competition, unfortunately, a couple of 15% of them are really offered the admission to go for the degree program. With this periodically pattern, I will like to advise aspirants and candidates that it's very difficult to pick up an admission into these course. Unquestionably, you ought to be among the 15% who will ultimately get admitted. Continue reading this article, we should tell you the best way to make this possible. 

Engineering is an applied science discipline that deals on using scientific and mathematical knowledge to solve problems and create products for the world. The course has a wide opportunities and this makes a lot of people to think about having a career in this discipline. With this high competition, for few admission spaces, how then can one go through successfully. Certainly, low admission and graduation standard is the explanation few people get conceded every year into this academic program. This is the situation here in Nigeria and the world at large. Not at all like different courses which either have enormous standard or none by any means, this course has a quite low admission quota. This is one of the critical factors that decides the complexities of getting admitted in to the engineering courses. That is it on the intro of the competitiveness Engineering as a course. Now you have the essential information, we should portray on the key to picking up admission into any Nigerian college to study Engineering. 

How to Gain Admission to Study Engineering Courses in Nigeria

In contrast to different courses, engineering is not a simple course to pick up admission into the University. This course needs appropriate preparation and not letting any stone unturned. In any case, this doesn't infers that you can't endure and get your ideal admission. That is our point here as we will feature the significant steps to take in your offer of effectively get admitted to study one of the engineering courses. 

The following is the summary of guides on the most proficient way to easily pick up admission to study Engineering courses in Nigerian Universities: 

Focus and Have the Most Elevated JAMB UTME Score 

This is the essential variable that qualifies you for admission to study the competitive Engineering courses. This suggests that you should focus on at least 250+ in the JAMB Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. Intermittently, candidates do imagine that this is outlandish, and they don't get this necessary score. Since the engineering courses is extremely competitive, you ought to anticipate that many individuals should have a high score. With this being the situation, the university would initially admit the applicants on merit (for example those having the most highest scores). Always target high UTME scores so as not to miss a chance of becoming an Engineer.

Score High in the University's POST UTME 

Next in the wake of meeting an extreme score in your JAMB UTME, the following thing ought to be to have a high score in your University's Post-UTME or screening assessment. This will supplement to the score you had in the UTME and give you an edge in getting your admission. 

Have a Good O'level Results with Distinctions 

Another significant reviewing prerequisites for your admission to study one of Engineering courses is having a superb O'level results. Your WASSCE result ought to be topped off with A's and B 's, which is distinctions. Note that having different C's will decrease your odds of getting admitted into the course. Notwithstanding, you can read on the top five core science subjects in secondary school, as it will help you in your bid of studying an engineering course.

Pick Universities Within Your Catchment Area 

At times, schools do consider the catchment area while admitting their students into the academic programs. To be in the more safe side, it's generally liked to go for schools in your catchment region. This is on the grounds that the merit standard will be too little to even think about admitting candidates. Consequently, being in the catchment area of the college will give you numerous odds of getting admitted. 

Go For Top Standard Institutions

An extra to the previously mentioned guides to easily pick up an admission to study Engineering courses, is by applying for schools with high dependability in terms of admission. This is useful as it will guarantee straightforwardness of the admission process. Because of the competition for admission spaces in this discipline, a good number of schools do go alternate routes in admitting students into the program, hence adversely conceding some. 


Presumably, the competition for admission into Engineering courses is exceptionally high in Nigerian Universities. With this proceeding, this article is composed in order to guide candidates and aspirants on the best way to handily gain admission to this academic program. Throughout this article, we featured the guides on the best way to effortlessly pick up an admission to study any of the engineering courses in the country. That is the size of this article, and we hope this was helpful and educative.

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