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How to Easily Gain Admission to Study Law in Nigeria

 The legal profession is one of the most preferred choice of career by most secondary school leavers in Nigeria. This is common among arts students as they all have any desire to go for one of the legal courses. Beside from the course being very outstanding, it is apparently the most chosed courses in Nigerian higher institutions. The clarification behind this has been a result of the centrality and the employment opportunities which includes the course in the job market. These and other conspicuous reasons makes law to be seen as the most looked for courses of study in the nation's colleges. In this article, we will disclose how to adequately pick up an admission to study law in any of the country's higher institution. 

The legal profession is the academic discipline that leads in the perspective of arts and humanity. This factor has made the course to be liked by many students. In this way, it has made the course to be competitive, hence making admission not to be an easy task. Totally, a respectable number of students who finish secondary schools yearly needs to study legal courses like civil law, criminal law and others, in the university or some other higher institutions. With this competition, shockingly, several 6% of them are eventually offered the admission to go for the degree program. With this occasionally trend, this article will delve at the chance to guide candidates that to get an admission into these legal courses. Certainly, you should be among the 6% who will eventually get admitted to study the course. Keep reading this article, we should reveal to you the most ideal approach to make a reality. 

Law as a course has a wide view and this makes many people to consider having a profession with this course. With this high rivalry for few admission spaces, how at that point would one be able to get in successful? It's certain that low admission quota is the clarification very few individuals get admitted each year into this academic program. This is the circumstance here in Nigeria and the world on the loose. Not under any condition like various courses which either have colossal quota, this course has a very low admission portion. Low admission quota implies that very few people will be considered for admission. This is one of the basic factors that chooses the complexities of getting admitted in to any of the legal courses. That is it on the introduction of the competition of law as a course. Presently you have the fundamental information, we ought to depict on the ways to getting admission into any Nigerian institution to study Law. 

Guide on How to Gain Admission to Study Law in Nigeria

As opposed to various courses, Law is certifiably not an easy course to get entrance into the University. This course needs suitable planning and not letting any stone unturned. Regardless, this doesn't derives that you can't suffer and get your optimal admission. That is our point here as we will highlight the guides to take in your aim of getting admitted into the Law department in any of the country's higher institution.  

Coming up below is the outline of guides on the most easy approach to effortlessly gain admission to study Law in Nigerian Universities: 

Aim to Have the Most Elevated JAMB UTME Score 

This is the fundamental factor that qualifies you for admission to study law in any higher institution in the country. This proposes that you should zero in at any rate 250+ in the JAMB Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. Irregularly, candidates do envision that this is freakish, and they don't get this important score. Since the legal courses is very competitive, you should know that many other candidates ought to have a high score. With this being the circumstance, the college would at first admit the candidates on merit (for instance those having the most elevated scores). Continuously target high UTME scores so as not to botch an opportunity of turning into a lawyer in the future!

Score High in the University's POST UTME 

Next in the wake of meeting a high score in your JAMB UTME, the accompanying thing should be to have a high score in your University's Post-UTME or screening evaluation. This will enhance to the score you had in the UTME and give you an edge in getting your admission. 

Have a Good O'level Results with Distinctions 

Another huge exploring requirements for your admission to study law is having perfect O'level results. Your WASSCE result should be finished off with A's and B 's, which is distinctions. Note that having scores like C's and below will diminish your chances of getting admitted into the course. In any case, you should score high in the top five core arts subjects to make qualifications in your examinations. This will help you in your offer of considering a legal profession. 

Pick Universities Within Your Catchment Area 

Now and again, schools do think about the catchment area while admitting their students into their academic programs. To be in the more safe side, it's by and large preferred to go for schools in your catchment area. This is in light of the fact that the merit quota will be too little to even think about considering those outside this admission standard. Thusly, being in the catchment area of the school will give you various chances of gaining admission to study Law. 

Go For Standard Institutions 

An extra to the recently referenced guides for gaining admission to study law is by applying for schools with high reliability as far as admission is concerned. This is helpful as it will ensure transparency of the admission process which will favor all and sundry. In light of the competition for admission spaces in this course, a decent number of schools do go backup ways to go in admitting students into the program. 


Probably, the competition for admission into law is significantly high in Nigerian Universities. With this being the case, this article is made to guide candidates on the most ideal ways to conveniently pick up admission to study law program. All through this article, we highlighted the aides on the most ideal approach to easily get an admission to study any of the legal courses in the country. That is the size of this article, and we believe this was useful and educative in getting you an admission into your desired discipline.



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