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How to Easily Gain Admission to Study Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria

 Medicine and Surgery is arguably the most competitive course in Nigerian universities. The reason for this has been due to the significance and the aftermath opportunities which surrounds the discipline. All of these and other notable reasons makes this course to be seen as the most sought course of study in the country's tertiary institutions. Nonetheless, you can take a peek at the less competitive courses in Nigerian universities, as it will give you a view of the ones to get admission at ease. In this article, we will explicate how to easily gain admission to study Medicine and Surgery in any of Nigerian universities. 

In terms of popularity and prominence, Medicine and Surgery is the academic program that leads in this aspect in this part of the world. These factors has consequently made the course to be very competitive, hence making admission not to be a simple task. Certainly, a good number of students who finish secondary schools yearly (about 20%) want to study medicine and surgery in the university or any other higher institution. With this competition, it's not all that will go through. Sadly, only a few 5% of them are actually offered the admission to study the degree program. With this occasionally trend, I will advise aspirants and candidates that it's quite hard to gain admission into this course, hence preparation should be high. Definitely, you should be among the 5% who will eventually get admitted. continue reading this write-up, let's show you how to get it done. 

Basically, Medicine and Surgery concerns issues pertaining to life and health. That's one of the basic things to know. Additionally, the course deals with issues of human life and their well being. With the criticality of this discipline, only the most serious and dedicated students are often offered the admission and subsequently graduating from the program. On the whole, every students who wishes to study medicine and surgery has to sit up and get the task done. 

Low admission and graduation quota is the reason few persons get admitted per year into this academic program. This is the case here in Nigeria and the world at large. Unlike other courses which either have large quota or none at all, this course has a low quota. This is one of the significant variables that determines the complications of getting admitted in to the course. That's it on the intro of the competitiveness of medicine and surgery as a course. Now you have the basic knowledge, let's delineate on the secret to gaining admission into any Nigerian university to study medicine and surgery.

How to Gain Admission to Study Medicine and Surgery in Nigerian Universities

Unlike other courses, Medicine and Surgery may be an easy course to gain admission in the university. This course needs proper preparation and not letting any stone unturned. However, this does not implies that you can't make it through and get your desired admission. That's our aim here as we will highlight the important steps to take in your bid of easily getting admitted to study medicine and surgery. 

Below is the rundown of guides on how to easily gain admission to study Medicine and Surgery in Nigerian universities:

Aim for the Extreme and Highest JAMB UTME Score

This is the primary variable that qualifies you for admission to study Medicine and Surgery in any of the universities in the country. This implies that you should aim at a minimum of 300+ in JAMB Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. Oftentimes, candidates do think that this is impossible, and they don't get this required score. Since this course is very competitive, you should expect a lot of people to have a high score. With this being the case, the university will have to first admit the candidates on merit (i.e. those having the highest scores).

Target 90% Score in the University's POST UTME

Next after meeting an ultimate score in your JAMB UTME, the next thing should be to have a high score in your University's Post-UTME or screening examination. This will complement to the score you had in the UTME and give you an edge in obtaining your admission.

Having Good O'level Results with Distinctions

Another important grading requirements for your admission to study Medicine and Surgery is possessing an excellent O'level results. Your WASSCE result should be filled up with A's and B 's, which is distinctions. Note that having multiple C's will reduce your chances of getting admitted in to the course. Just do the necessary preparations and get set to write your WAEC and obtain distinctions in at least the subjects relating to your course of study. However, you can read on top five core science subjects in secondary school. These subjects ought to be taken into consideration in to bid of getting a Medicine and Surgery degree.

Furthermore, don't ever try to use two sitting to apply for medicine and surgery on any of the Universities in the country. Using this will certainly affect your admission, because you will likely not be accepted for admission into the program.

Choose Universities Within Your Catchment Area

Sometimes, schools do consider the catchment areas when admitting their students. In order to be in the safer side, it's most preferred to go for universities in your catchment area. This is because the first or merit quota will be too small to admit candidates. Hence, being in the catchment area of the university will give you many chances of getting admitted.

Apply For Schools With Good Academic Results

An add-on to the aforementioned guides to easily gain admission to study medicine and surgery, is applying for schools with high academic records. This is helpful in the sense that it will ensure transparency of the admission process. Due to the competition for admission spaces in this course, a lot of schools do go other ways in admitting students into the program.


No doubt, the competition for admission into Medicine and Surgery is very high in Nigerian Universities. With this continuing thing, this article is written so as to update aspirants and candidates on how to easily make it through to the academic program. In the course of this write-up, we highlighted the guides on how to easily gain admission to study this MBBS course in the country. That's the size of this article. 



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