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The Top Career Opportunities Available in Nigeria

 Many a times, a good number of people do settle in for a career without knowing what it entails with respect to job opportunities. In this kind of situation, the students are mostly affected, being that they are ones to select a career to opt for. Going to the wrong career will certainly lead to an undesirable aftermath effect. In order to avoid this kind of scenario in your career journey, it is of your best interest to read this article to the last punctuation mark. This write-up will highlight the top career opportunities that are available for students in Nigeria.   Career opportunities are career options available to choose from in settling for a career. This includes the types of career – accounting, engineering, medical, legal, education, IT and security careers. From the different career options that are available, there are some important things involved in choosing the right career. This is explicated in one of our note on how to achieve the right career , and from that you

Rundown of Science Courses to Study Without Physics in Nigeria

 Inasmuch as Physics is a very significant course in the science discipline, but can it be obviated in studying a course in the university? Certainly, there are good number of science courses that do not really need physics. This includes agriculture-inclined courses that need little bit of mathematics and physics. In the course of this article, we will enumerate these science courses. We will as well highlight what's involved in taking this kind of decision. In a related note, you can peek at the Core Science Subjects to Offer in Secondary School , as it will supplement to this write-up. Basically, Physics as a subject is perhaps the most feared in secondary school, especially the senior level. With this being the case, the explanation numerous students neglect to get admission is on the grounds that they have failed to pass Physics particularly. As indicated by WAEC's report, it was stated that only 40% of applicants pass Physics as a subject in WAEC and NECO examination. Th