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Career Education: How to Achieve the Right Career

 A good number of people sometimes get into a particular career without knowing the aftermath of what will entails. Sadly the picture has been the one that affects the category of students who wants to go for a particular discipline in the university. It is very certain that what course you choose will determine the career you will have. With this being the case, how then can one achieve the right career that suites? This is one of the recurring question by some college candidates. In a bid to give answers to this query, this article will be delineating on what's career education, and how to achieve or get the right career in Nigeria.

Firstly, the aim of this article is for students and the general public to know what is career, it opportunities, and how to achieve a career success. The outline of our area of touch will includes: definition of career; types of career; what's involved in a career; career opportunities; guide on choosing the right career; how to achieve a career; and the benefits of having a good career. All of these subtopics will be the size of this article, as we hope you will be acquainted with what career education is all about.

Definition of Career

It's pertinent to first know what's a career before getting the knowledge of how to get it. Basically, a career s an occupation or profession in which someone does for a long period of their life. This is extensively the mastery of a special education on a particular discipline so as to use for a job and occupation. By and large, a career requires special skills and training. A career is said to be what you engage in so as to have specialization on a particular discipline. Nonetheless, career has many broad specification which it is classified. This brings us to the types of careers that are available in the country.

Types of career: There are many types of career which is available to settle for as a student. These careers encompass all the aspect of profession and occupation. The types of career are: Accounting, Educational careers, Legal careers, Engineering, Science related careers, Medical careers, IT and Security careers, et al.

That's it on the career types. Furtherly, it important to note that what's involved in a career include: Decision and willingness, Education, Special training and Job.

How to Achieve the Right Career

Now, let's get to the main point of this article which is how to achieve the ideal career. The following are the guide on how to achieve the right career in Nigeria:

  • Choosing the right career: Knowing your strength and passion is pivotal to achieving the right career. Also have a career mentor to give you a guide. Other related tips here is to get education relating to your chosen career.
  • Going for a career of your interest: This means that you should first go to what interest you, because you will not be interested in what you don't admire. It is advisable to go for a career because of the interest you have.
  • Obtain education relating to your career: This is one of the basic thing to put into consideration in having a good career. The education needed will either be skilled or non-formal which involves craft, and formal education which will imply going to college, university and polytechnic.
  • Primary and college education: Here you should attend primary school and afterward proceed to high school. This will be followed by going to the higher institution to study a course relating to your career.
  • Learning skills: Definitely, it's not everyone that will afford or will like going to university or college. In that case, he or she might opt to learning skills to become settle in the career.
  • Exposing yourself to a variety of activities that piques your interest
  • Job: working in your career. This is where you will be working and earning from your right career!

Benefits of Having the Right Career

The following are the upsides of having the right career:

  1. It helps you to learn and develop skills
  2. It makes you to be employed
  3. Higher earnings
  4. It makes you become an entrepreneur (self-employed)
  5. Having a sense of purpose

Career Opportunities Available in Nigeria 

They include the following:

  • Engineering careers
  • Health and Medical careers
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Education/Teaching careers
  • IT related careers
  • Legal profession
  • Online jobs (blogging, digital marketing, etc.)
  • Entertainment (musician, movie actor, photography)
  • Computer jobs

That's certainly not all, our article on the Career Opportunities Available in Nigeria will explicate more on the career options that are available for all and sundry in the country.

Final Words

In conclusion, we can see that Career education involves many things. On the first side, it is concerned with the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes. This can be obtained through a planned program of learning which also include experiences in education and training settings. All of these is made to assist students to make informed decisions about their life, study and/or work options. This kind of education is also made to enable effective participation in working life. In the other way, career education focuses on getting students acquainted with the basic idea of how to choose a career that fits perfectly.

Why is career education important? A lot of people might come up with a kind of question like this. Certainly, there are many reasons why it is important, but here are the few most important ones. Career education and guidance is functional in leading a significant role in curriculum that supports: students' interests, aspirations and strengths; it is also helpful in students' achievements and help obviate the case of students being at risk of poor outcomes; career education helps students in making informed decisions concerning their subject choices and pathways. 

There are so many other things we would have expressed about career education, but these few important ones will be helpful for up-and-comers and university candidates. Also the general public will see this information as being significant to give them success in their career and work. This is where we will draw the curtain for this write-up, but before wrapping up, we believe you get a point from what we have expressed so far. There are so many related articles on this in this blog. This will give be a supplement to this article and will broaden your knowledge of what's involved in a career. That's the size of this article.



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