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Beyond the Covid-19 Pandemic: How Nigerian Universities Can Evolve to the Future

 The Nigerian educational system has been adversely affected by the surface of the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this unlooked-for appearance, many schools has been affected in one way and the other. This has made this article necessary in order to look at the post-covid-19 era and what's there for higher institutions in the country. This write-up will take a gander at beyond the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Nigerian Universities of the Future: Challenges and Prospects. Read this piece to the last punctuation mark as we explicate more. The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching effects on the educational activities of almost all universities and tertiary schools in Nigeria. The epidemic has affected these university's: educational system, programmes, health care systems, and also other consequential areas. If we look at the aftereffect of the event, we can have something to relate on the future. In analysing the overarching Covid-19 situation, Arundhati Roy (2020) opined that ‘historical

How to Defer An Admission in Nigerian Universities or Polytechnics

 The competition for entrance into a university or polytechnic in Nigeria is extremely high. With this continuing trend, a lot of candidates do take their provisional admission to be significantly important. Loosing such admission in any capacity whatsoever will be great loss and time consuming. Consequently, we have composed a guide on how to defer admission in a university or polytechnic in the country. Certainly, this will make you not miss all! Nowadays, there is no doubt that admission into a college, university, polytechnic or an other tertiary institution is very competitive, and not worth taking a risk. While many candidates look for this admission for quite a long time prior to making sure about one, some are fortunate to get in one shot. Yet certainly in the two cases it is either to continue with the admission or to redraw back, since the admission is provisional. Thus, to lose this open door after such a great amount of exertion because of any conditions will agony deep dow