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Advantages of Monotechnic Education in Nigeria

 Just like other tertiary institutions, monotechnic is also one of the ideal place to obtain a diploma program. Though this kind of institution is quite unpopular compared to other, but a lot of people are actually looking for information on it. Is it true that you are looking for the advantages related with monotechnic education in Nigeria? For example, what sort of courses one could go through with through a monotechnic? Or on the other hand, what might be the different career prospects and opportunities that a monotechnic could offer in contrast with other tertiary institutions? Let's take a gander at these things.

What is a Monotechnic? 

First let's get to know what monotechnic is. As the name infers Mono means one, then putting the technical makes the entire significance of monotechnics. By definition, a monotechnic is an institution where one specialized program is taught; it is a school where only one technical course is been offered to students, unlike the polytechnics where a lot of varied programs are offered. In the monotechnics, understudies are been certify for only one specialized course, this is the most significant distinctive factor to why it is called monotechnics. 

There are good numbers of monotechnics in Nigeria and the vast majority of them are regularly run by federal, state governments, alongside private owned ones. These schools offer different range of technical programs or recognition courses in technology and the applied sciences. These courses include the list of practical disciplines, for example, mechanical, electronic, electrical, civil, computer, arts, animation, journalism, news-casting, media, designing, business management, and so forth. Taking up one of these courses could make you qualified for a task in the private or government sectors. They are just like going to the university but the significant difference is in the degree which the latter issues out to it graduates.

The Difference Between Monotechnics And Polytechnics 

Though a polytechnic and monotechnic are very related, however there is a distinguishing factor between them. It is of high significance to realize that there is a significant distinction between the monotechnics and the other tertiary institutions. As said above in the meaning of monotechnics, you can relate what the institution really involves. The difference between a polytechnic and monotechnic is that in the latter only one specialized program is offered, while for other tertiary institutions like polytechnics and universities, they offer more than one specialized course. That's what is said to be the basic difference between a polytechnic and monotechnic, though both offer the same certificate.

In spite of the fact that the two of them need accreditation to admit students for the specialized course, the quantity of courses they can offer separates them from one another. 

Moreover, the polytechnics and monotechnics are the two entry way to higher institutions aside the universities. They both require accreditation from the NBTE, yet the monotechnics are not as popular and are not generally known not at all like the polytechnics and universities. Even some colleges are better known than some monotechnics in the country. 

How is a Monotechnic Different to a University? 

Let's look at the difference a monotechnic has when compared to a higher institution like university. A monotechnic would assist you with accomplishing practical knowledge of training on the fundamental level. Subsequent to achieving a monotechnic certificate, you could immediately go after jobs in similar field and regularly in the public authority or private areas. Essentially, the useful information is engaged upon in a polytechnic, with lesser weightage when compared to the theory part. 

A university, then again, centers around the hypothetical parts of the course alongside the expert development of the student. It additionally gives reasonable openness through lab tasks or activities. A monotechnic can be seen as giving a practical information on a particular course or discipline.

Advantages of Studying a Course Through Monotechnics 

In the event that you choose to take up a course, particularly a practical one through a monotechnic or polytechnic, you can be guaranteed of specific benefits. Some of them are recorded underneath:

Lesser Duration 

The duration of studying for a course in monotechnics is less when compared to other institutions. In the event that you intend to begin working following the 2-3-year-long course study, at that point you can make the reality of your choice. On the off chance that you choose to proceed with a degree course, and still, at the end of the day you could sort out a choice to work all the while, contingent upon the work necessities, field of work, and so forth Or on the other hand, you could essentially select for a regular degree course into the second year, following finishing of the diploma program in monotechnic. 

Superb Practical Exposure 

As referenced before, polytechnics follow the methodology of a greater amount of viable openness than hypothetical teaching. Due to which, the practical information on a polytechnic understudy might be better in contrast with an understudy who has graduated out of universities. Those who made it through the polytechnic or monotechnic are better than the college grads in their practical knowledge of a certain discipline.

Supports Change Of Program 

In the event that you choose to seek after a further degree later, you will have the choice of exchanging fields. This is probably the best benefit if there should arise an occurrence of a polytechnic. 

Simple Transition To Further Studies 

After finish of the polytechnic course, you will be in a superior situation as far as the practical knowledge and reasonable openness of subjects, when contrasted with other students who make it through other institutions. The monotechnic is seen as an institution that can enable their graduates to have an ability to further to another studies after their diploma program. Going by this, you aren't limited of your course field.


Monotechnic education is just like the polytechnic, but the difference is in the limitations that the former has to some numbers of courses. This is made so as to train the students with thorough knowledge of a particular discipline. There are lots of monotechnics in Nigeria and they include: Nigeria Institute of Journalism Lagos,Wavecrest College of Catering, and many others.

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