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How to Get Student Bursary in Nigeria

  Nowadays, Bursary has been the very skimpy in Nigeria. The situation has create room for the prevalence of scholarship which is seen as the substitute to the former. Today, there are a great deal of monetary grant options for students in universities, polytechnics, colleges and even secondary schools. Among the most prominent ones are scholarship, grants, loans and to some extent bursaries. So in this article, we will find out about what is a student bursary, just as how to apply and get it to finance your education in the country.

Moreover, student monetary aid like bursary and scholarship is very significant on the grounds that it guarantees availability to advanced education for most financial circumstances. The latter is always given based on merit to students, in a bid to help finance their schooling. On the other hand, bursary are financial aid that is given to students to fund their schooling. This is a special kind of educational grant in which selection is based on the financial background of the student and family. Consideration is majored on understudies that are not able to meet up, or has low income. Nevertheless, let's look more on student bursary as we progress on this write-up.

Detailed  Guide on How to Get Student Bursary in Nigeria

What Is A Student Bursary? 

You might be pondering on what's student bursary or is it a different thing from scholarship grants. Basically, a bursary is a kind of financial aid with the primary motivation of offering monetary help for students who can't take care of the expense of their schooling even with the assistance of their parents. This financial aid called student bursary helps the recipient which is the understudy by giving them money to pay for their schooling. 

In another related view, a bursary is a non-repayable amount of cash that schools can grant to understudies to boost and support their studies and education. Our extensive guide on the most proficient method to get a bursary covers all you require to think about how to get a bursary for college, just as what sorts of bursary programs are available in the country. 

Difference Between Bursary and Scholarship 

Truth be told, bursary and scholarship are two similar but different financial aids to students. It is significant not to mistake the two things. Bursaries are reserves given to students to pay for their schooling that you don't have to take care of. On the off chance that you have a student loan, then again, you will doubtlessly take care of them with a higher financing cost. 

Another confusion often seen is that bursaries, scholarship, and grants are something very similar. Albeit every one of them fill a comparable need, they have various measures and capacities. Scholarships are granted to an understudy dependent on their education merit—scholastically or in different accomplishments like charitable effort, sports, school, and so on. Bursaries rather are more need-based, and the financial aid can be given dependent on the requirement for individuals in a specific field or for project openings. Bursary focuses more on the need of the applicant in question, to further his or her education.

Eligibility Requirements to Obtain Bursary in Nigeria 

A rundown of prerequisites that students and applicants ought to meet before being given bursaries includes the following:

  1. You Must Be In The Consideration Area: The main aim of bursary in Nigeria is for a particular area or state. Therefore in order for you to be eligible, you must meet all requirements for the grant. This implies that you should be from the area considered for the bursary.
  2. You Should Be A Student: Obviously, bursary and scholarship are given to finance the education of students. There is no point applying for the grant when you aren't a student or undergraduate of any recognized institution in the country. All applicants for bursary should be an understudy of an endorsed higher institution in Nigeria. 
  3. You Should Meet The Qualification: Understudies in Higher Institutions like the Universities, Polytechnics, College of Education and so forth are totally expected to meet a certain requirement in terms of pass mark. This connotes something like meeting the required CGPA for the bursary. 
  4. Pass The Screening: Qualified applicants should go through screening where certifications will be checked. We will highlight the qualification that will be needed for the bursary application.

General Documents Required for Scholarship Application:

  • First School Living Certificate (FSLC)
  • Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE)
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Statement of Result containing your CGPA (That is for University/Polytechnic/ College/ School of Nursing Students etc)

That's just the general documents that may be required for the bursary application, hence other prerequisites may apply. Just look for information on your bursary requirements and get the docs ready in time.

How to Apply For A Bursary In Nigeria 

The most effective method to apply for student bursary financing relies upon the particular school, charity organization or the financers of the bursary program. In this way, qualification differs from one provider to another. 

Applications for bursaries should be made to the funding body. Most universities offer a smoothed out support of make bursary applications and payment straightforward and programmed. Basically, as long as you permit your student financial organization to impart information to the university, qualified understudies will naturally get the bursary from the course supplier. 

Applying for Government Bursary

Actually, most bursary program are organised and fund by the government. The federal, state and local government all have their respective bursary programs which they offer to help finance student education. Among these three, the local government bursary is the most often one. Apply for your government student bursary by writing to the government or the ministry of education. You can as well apply for the process when the application form comes up, but it's always rare.

Applying for Individual Bursary

Certain individuals do sponsor bursary for students. You can apply for this kind of bursary by sending your application when the forms are out.

Applying for School Bursary

Certainly, schools like Universities do give out bursary to their students, but there is just an iota of them in Nigeria. You can inquire about your school's bursary from the Students Affairs division of the institution.


That's the size of this write-up on how to get student bursary in Nigeria. We believe you now know how to get a means of finance for your schooling years in the country. On a related note, you can as well read on how to apply and check for scholarship in Nigeria. All of these will help improve your funding to successfully complete your education.

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