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How to Avoid or Overcome Carry over Courses in Nigerian Universities

 Obviously, each and every university student aspires to receive a "A" in all of their courses. Unfortunately, not everyone's narrative is the same, as a significant number of students receive a 'F' grade at some time. This indicates that you failed the course and, in most cases, that you will 'carry over' the course to the next year. This is a disadvantage, and not all students desire to be in that circumstance. Is there any hope?

This article is for students who want to avoid and succeed in carryover courses. First, we'll go over what you need to know about carryover, its ramifications, and how to deal with the problem.

What's Carryover?

Let's take a gander at what's carryover. To avert carryover, you should first grasp what it is, particularly in Nigerian universities. It's just half the battle if you know what you're doing.

Carryover is a term used frequently in Nigerian universities to describe failed courses that must be retaken. These are courses in which you must attend class (if the lecturer requires it) and retake the examination.

You will not be able to graduate unless you have completed all of your carryover courses. So, whether or not it was your fault, the most essential thing is that you take the exam again.

Nonetheless, I'll try to avoid using the word *Fail* because some carryovers can be caused by a variety of causes such as absence, a lost script, a miscommunication with the lecturer, and so on.

Overall, my dear, this is the best... Rather of attempting to overcome a course carryover, do everything you can to avoid it.

How to Avoid Carry-over Courses in the University

Here's how to avoid a school course from being carried over.

Choose Your Preferred Course

If you want to eliminate carryover, the first step is to refuse a course that has been pressed on you by friends, family, or the University... If a department exceeds the threshold number of permissible students, the latter will persuade you to take a different course. These occurrences are most common in Predegree.

Don't enroll in a course that you can't fit into since I'm forced to study by fire. You're fiddling with carryover if your expertise is Commercial or Art and the course you're taking is Science-related.

It's difficult to gain entrance, so not knowing what you'll be doing there is unwise.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

The key actors are your pals. When your face isn't spotted within the testing grounds, you're summoned. When you're absent from class, you're called; when an impromptu test emerges, you're called up. When you miss frequent hangup meetings, you will be contacted.

Attend Classes and Have Study Materials

Attending class at all times is the key to finishing without a carryover. During class, you'll learn about the lecturer's method and the exam questions. Don't get caught up in the mob of students that skip classes.

Obtain handouts, textbooks, or materials in any format you like, and purchase pass questions as well. Make photocopies if you don't have any cash. The primary objective of handouts and other similar materials is to allow students to read ahead.

Read and Study

You should knuckle down, study wisely, study to thrive, and study everything and anything. Create or join study groups, or ask questions. Use the school library as much as possible. The library may be a dull environment, yet it is ideal for solitary study.

You'll make serious friends - stick with them – and keep to your rules and the road you've mapped out for yourself.

Set Goals for Yourself

Here you have to make a list of goals for yourself. A good number of students are unaware of the importance of — goal-setting. Please keep in mind that an objective is not a yardstick; rather, your aims establish one. It takes discipline to stick to a specific objective, but the end result is worth it.

There are a few things that can help you stay on track with your objectives: Know how to calculate CGPA – Don't put off knowing how to compute GPA until you have a carryover course.

Eat Well and Get Plenty of Sleep

Walking is a daily dose for the body, whereas eating is vital. Eat as much as you can and get plenty of rest. A sin against the body is never forgiven — wear it out, and you'll break down. Sickness isn't an excuse; if you're sick during an exam, your head will fall off. Take good care of yourself...

Have Time for Socials

You can't just go around reading all day in order to avoid carryovers. You should schedule social events simply to relax and enjoy yourself. Make time to play games like Scrabble, sudoku, ludo, chess, and other similar activities. Take a swim. Sit under a mango tree to relieve stress and disease, clear negative energy, and breathe in fresh air.

Avoid Unhealthy Relationships

Relationships encourages students to become entangled and attached to one another. A toxic relationship depletes one's emotional bank account... And you'll need a full supply of the latter to maintain a healthy mental attitude toward academics. Unhealthy relationships are responsible for 40% of carryover cases...

The school gate is where 99.9999 percent of boyfriend and girlfriend relationships terminate.

Where Did it go Wrong?

Where did you make a mistake or what went wrong? Even the most powerful can be defeated. Request your script if you're certain you couldn't possibly have failed the course. One of two possibilities could have happened. You either failed the class or your script was misplaced.


I believe I've said all that needs to be said... Now is the time to start building stuff. Don't put it off; don't be afraid of losing friends. You entered university on your own; you will either graduate with others or be left alone for an additional year.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article on How to Avoid or Overcome Carryover Courses. Please share this post using the buttons below if you believe it will be useful to someone else.

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