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About us

SchoolzUpdate ~ Updates on all educational info in Nigeria.
SchoolzUpdate is an educational web blog and info portal that updates on all School News, Information, JAMB, Universities, Polytechnics, Scholarships and Student Guides in Nigeria. We primarily inform students, and many other internet users, on educational articles, news, latest happenings, and other needful updates regarding schools in Nigeria. 
This blog started operating since 19th December 2020, and is trying to get the maximum mumentum to reach the highest peak, by feeding its viewers with intriguing contents. 
SchoolzUpdate was fabricated and is owned by Mfonobong Daniel, a consummate information blogger, content writer and a potential Mechanical Engineer. He is also a publisher at Nigerian Infopedia. Currently, we do not have any other blog author aside the site's admin, but we intend on them in due time.

The Team Behind SchoolzUpdate

Mfonobong Daniel
Daniel is a consummate Information Writer and Blogger who craves for writing, researching and also watching soccer. He is also a contributor on Nigerian Infopedia.